Lottery Sambad
Have you ever played a lottery? If yes, then you stepped in just at the right place. I know you’re tired of probing here and there in search of the right place to check the results of Lottery Sambad. I know you want to become richer and happier in your life. So dreaming to be rich and happy?
Okay, your wait ends with us!
Everything you need to know related to this lottery is given clear and precise. So why are we waiting? Find a comfortable chair, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and here we go for online lottery Sambad results checking. Today at 11.55 am Sikkim State Lottery- Dear Cherished Morning, 4pm west Bengal lottery-Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha & 8pm Lottery Night-Dear Parrot Evening
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Dear Admire Morning-11.55
Dear Banaglakshmi Torsha at 4pm
                                                                 Dear Parrot Evening at 8pm

Lottery Sambad: Results and Timings

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a lottery winner, I think it’s the right time for fulfilling your dreams. You just have to find out the results and timings. I believe 2019 could be a lucky year for you, and that’s why you shouldn’t miss lottery sambad 2019 results and updates. Excited to know about the time and results in 2019? Let’s have a look, folks!

Here is the winning prize of Lottery Sambad:

A first winner cash prize of 26 lakh INR
A second winner cash prize of 9000 INR
A third winner cash prize of 500 INR
A fourth winner cash prize of 250 INR
A fifth winner cash prize of 120 INR
Wow, these cash prices are really amazing. Let’s have a look at how the results are announced!
Talking about the announcement, the result of lottery sambad is declared three times in a day. Yes, it means you have three times to try out your luck in a day. But wait, what are these times? Just look at the list below and you’ll know all
Lottery Sambad 11.55: AM result: your first chance to try your luck
Lottery Sambad 4: PM resultyour second possibility of obtaining the lottery
Lottery Sambad 8: PM result: OMG! Giving you the third chance
Want to have a clearer explanation of the above timings? Let’s have a brief explanation of all of the above!

1.Morning result: 11.55 AM

Your the first chance of winning the lottery starts with the morning. It’s announced at 11:55 AM. Do you recognize it by the name of Dear Lottery Sambad? Yes, it’s also called it by this name. What if you win the prize? You’ll be surprised to hear that the winner receives 16 Lac INR, and paid in the cash. Check Today Sikkim State Lottery-Dear Admire Morning
 Really? Yes, so don’t miss your chance this morning.

2.4 pm result: Second opportunity to win your lottery

Couldn’t get the prize in the morning? Why not test your luck again. Lottery sambad is announced once again at 4 pm. All you have to do is to buy a ticket for 6 INR and who knows you become the next winner of 16 Lac INR prize winner! Sound cool, right? West Bengal- Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha 

3.8 pm result: 26 lac INR winning prize

Here comes the most awaited one. Announced at 8 pm, this lottery can make you rich overnights. Just buy a ticket for 6 INR and if bag the lottery, I’m pretty much sure you’ll be rolling in money. So don’t wait, check the results and find your number. You’re an inch apart from getting rich.
Nothing could be of great help than trying your fortune three times in a day. Even if you miss your first dear lottery sambad announcement, you got the second and the third one too. There is no other place on earth which can give you such prize-winning opportunities just in 6 INR.

Tell me something about Lottery Sambad (A brief explanation)

Being one of the oldest lottery systems, Lottery Sambad is a widespread name all over India. Your elders would tell you many amazing stories about this spectacular lottery. From poor turning into rich and rich becoming millionaires overnight, the success tales of this lottery loops long.
If you go through the cities, you’ll come to know it has many names and versions. You’ll be hearing names like Aajkal Lottery Sambad and Dear Lottery Sambad, which are all the same.
 You can measure the popularity by the fact that it’s famous even in West Bengal, where it’s called West Bengal Lottery Sambad( I think it’s the right name to call it, adding the city name too!)

Want to increase your expectations of bringing the lottery home?

The chances become low when there are hundreds of thousand people opting for the lottery. However, you can boost up the chances by acquiring many tickets. Buying more tickets ultimately increases the possibility of getting the first prize.
 Nice tip, right? Give me 2% when you are a millionaire!
Final Words:
Lotteries are always beneficial especially when we want to make it big in our lives. I’m sure you have a clear understanding of everything related to Lottery Sambad in 2019. I hope the above article has helped you in the best way. We have Announced Sikkim State Lottery Dear Admire Morning at 11.55am, West Bengal Lottery-Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha at 4pm & Dear Parrot Evening at 8pm.
Luck never comes uninvited; you have to inch closer towards it. So buy the lottery and who knows you get a handful of money! Good luck!